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Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 181Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the BGP states from the left to the matching definitions on the right.  Answer:   QUESTION 182Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the IPv6 NAT characteristic from the left to the matching IPv6 NAT category on the right.  Answer:   QUESTION 183An engineer is asked to monitor the availability of the next-hop IP address of every 3 seconds using an ICMP echo packet via an ICMP echo probe. Which two commands accomplish this task? (Choose two.) A.    router(config-ip-sla)#icmp-echo source-interface FastEthernet 0/0B.    router(config-ip-sla-echo)#timeout 3C.    router(config-ip-sla)#icmp-jitter interval 100D.    router(config-ip-sla-echo)#frequency 3E.    router(config-ip-sla)#udp-echo source-port 23F.    router(config-ip-sla-echo)#threshold 3 Answer: AD QUESTION 184What command can you enter to configure an enable password that uses an encrypted passwordfrom another configuration? A.    enable secret $abc%!e.Cd34$!ao0B.    enable secret 7 Sabc%!e.Cd34$!ao0C.    enable secret 0 Sabc%U*.Cd34$!ao0D.    enable secret 5 $abc%!e.Cd34$!ao0E.    enable secret 15 $abc%ie.Cd34$!ao0F.    enable secret 6 $abc%!e.Cd34$!ao0 Answer: D QUESTION 185A network engineer receives reports about poor voice quality issues at a remote site. The network engineer does a packet capture and sees out-of-order packets being delivered. Which option can cause the VOIP quality to suffer? A.    traffic over backup redundant linksB.    misconfigured voice vlanC.    speed duplex link issuesD.    load balancing over redundant links Answer: DExplanation:In traditional packet forwarding systems, using different paths have varying latencies that cause out of order packets,eventually resulting in far lower performance for the network application. Also , if some packets are process switched quickly by the routing engine of the router while others are interrupt switched (which takes more time)then it could result in out of order packets. The other options would cause packet drops or latency, but not out of order packets. QUESTION 186What is the administrative distance for EBGP? A.    200B.    30C.    70D.    20 Answer: D QUESTION 187Considering the IPv6 address independence requirements, which process do you avoid when you use NPTv6 for translation? A.    rewriting of higher layer informationB.    checksum verificationC.    ipv6 duplication and conservationD.    IPSEC AH header modification Answer: AExplanation:The IPv6-to-IPv6 Network Prefix Translation (NPTv6) serves as a useful mechanism for implementing address independence in an IPv6 environment. A major benefit associated with NPTv6 is the fact that it avoids the requirement for an NPTv6 Translator to rewrite the transport layer headers which reduces the load on network devices QUESTION 188What is the optimal location from which to execute a debug command that produces an excessiveamount of information? A.    Vty linesB.    SNMP commandsC.    A console portD.    An AUX port Answer: AExplanation: associated-signaling-cas/10374-debug.html QUESTION 189A network engineer is configuring the router for NetFlow data exporting.What is required in orderfor NDE to begin exporting data? A.    SourceB.    Flow maskC.    DestinationD.    Interface typeE.    Traffic typeF.    NetFlow version Answer: CExplanation:NetFlow Multiple Export Destinations--To configure redundant NDE data streams, which improves the probability of receiving complete NetFlow data, you can enter the ip flow-export destination command twice and configure a different destination IP address in each command. Configuring two destinations increases the RP CPU utilization, as you are exporting the data records twice. QUESTION 190Refer to the exhibit. Router 1 cannot ping router 2 via the Frame Relay between them.Which two statements describe the problems? (Chooses two.)   A.    Encapsulation is mismatched.B.    Frame Relay map is configured.C.    DLCI is active.D.    DLCI is inactive or deleted.E.    An access list is needed to allow ping Answer: ADExplanation:Frame Relay: Cannot ping Remote Router :1-Encapsulation mismatch has occurred.2-DLCI is inactive or has been deleted.3-DLCI is assigned to the wrong subinterface.4-An access list was misconfigured.5-The frame-relay map command is missing.6-No broadcast keyword is found in frame-relay map statements. QUESTION 191At which layer does Cisco Express Forwarding use adjacency tables to populate addressinginformation? A.    Layer4B.    Layer 2C.    Layer 1D.    Layer 3 Answer: BExplanation:Adjacency table - Nodes in the network are said to be adjacent if they can reach each other with a single hop across a link layer. In addition to the FIB, CEF uses adjacency tables to prepend Layer 2 addressing information. The adjacency table maintains Layer 2 next-hop addresses for all FIB entries QUESTION 192A network engineer wants to ensure an optimal end-to-end delay bandwidth product. The delay isless than 64 KB. Which TCP feature ensures steady state throughput? A.    Window scalingB.    Network buffersC.    Round-trip timersD.    TCP acknowledgments Answer: AExplanation:options can be carried in a TCP header. Those relevant to TCP performance include Window-scale option : This option is intended to address the issue of the maximum window size in the face of paths that exhibit a high-delay bandwidth product. This option allows the window size advertisement to be right-shifted by the amount specified (in binary arithmetic, a right-shift corresponds to a multiplication by2). Without this option, the maximum window size that can be advertised is 65,535 bytes (the maximum value obtainable in a 16-bit field). The limit of TCP transfer speed is effectively one window size in transit between the sender and the receiver. For high-speed, long-delay networks, this performance limitation is a significant factor, because it limits the transfer rate to at most 65,535 bytes per round-trip interval, regardless of available network capacity. Use of the window-scale option allows the TCP sender to effectively adapt to high-band-width, high-delay network paths, by allowing more data to be held in flight.The maximum window size with this option ipj-archive/article09186a00800c8417.html QUESTION 193A network administrator creates a static route that points directly to a multi-access interface, instead of the next-hop IP address. The administrator notices that Cisco Express Forwarding ARP requests are being sent to all destinations. Which issue might this configuration create? A.    Low bandwidth usageB.    High memory usageC.    Cisco Express Forwarding routing loopD.    High bandwidth usageE.    IP route interference Answer: CExplanation: QUESTION 194Refer to the exhibit showing complete command output. What type of OSPF router is Router A?   A.    internal routerB.    ASBRC.    ABRD.    edge router Answer: CExplanation:An area is interface specific. A router that has all of its interfaces within the same area is called an internal router (IR). A router that has interfaces in multiple areas is called an area border router (ABR). QUESTION 195How should a router that is being used in a Frame Relay network be configured to keep split horizon issues from preventing routing updates? A.    Configure a separate subinterface for each PVC with a unique DLCI and subnet assigned to the subinterfaceB.    Configure each Frame Relay circuit as a point-to-point line to support multicast and broadcast trafficC.    Configure many subinterfaces in the same subnet.Configure a single subinterface to establish multiple PVC connections to multipleD.    remote router interfaces Answer: AExplanation:If you have a serial port configured with multiple DLCIs connected to multiple remote sites, split horizon rules, stop route updates received on an interface from being sent out the same interface. By creating subinterfaces for each PVC, you can avoid the split horizon issues when using Frame Relay. QUESTION 196Which mode of uRPF causes a router interface to accept a packet, if the network to whichthe packet's source IP address belongs is found in the router's FIB? A.    Strict modeB.    Loose modeC.    Auto modeD.    Desirable mode Answer: BExplanation:A number of common types of DoS attacks take advantage of forged or rapidly changing source IP addresses, allowing attackers to thwart efforts by ISPs to locate or filter these attacks. Unicast RPF was originally created to help mitigate such attacks by providing an automated, scalable mechanism to implement the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Best Common Practices 38/Request for Comments 2827 (BCP 38/RFC 2827) anti-spoofing filtering on the customer-to-ISP network edge. By taking advantage of the information stored in the Forwarding Information Base (FIB) that is created by the , Unicast RPF can determine whether IP packets are spoofed or malformed by CEF switching processmatching the IP source address and ingress interface against the FIB entry that reaches back to this source (a so-called reverse lookup). Packets that are received from one of the best reverse path routes back out of the same interface are forwarded as normal. If there is no reverse path route on the same interface from which the packet was received, it might mean that the source address was modified, and the packet is dropped (by default). QUESTION 197Which of the following are characteristics of TACACS+? (Choose two.) A.    Uses UDPB.    Encrypts an entire packetC.    Offers robust accountingD.    Cisco-proprietary Answer: BDExplanation:CHARACTERISTICS O TACACS+1-TACACS+ encrypts the entire body of the packet2- TACACS+ uses TCP3-TACACS+ uses the AAA architecture, which separates AAA4-TACACS+ offers multiprotocol support.5-TACACS+ is Cisco proprietary protocol6-TACACS+ is a heavy-weight protocol consuming more resources 7-TACACS+ uses TCP port 498-Mainly used for Device Administration9-TACACS+ supports 15 privilege levels radius/13838-10.html7 QUESTION 198Which two options are causes of out-of-order packets? (Choose two.) A.    a routing loopB.    a router in the packet flow path that is intermittently dropping packetsC.    high latencyD.    packets in a flow traversing multiple paths through the network.E.    some packets in a flow being process-switched and others being interrupt-switched on a transit Router Answer: DEExplanation:In traditional packet forwarding systems, using different paths have varying latencies that cause out of order packets, eventually resulting in far lower performance for the network application. Also, if some packets are process switched quickly by the routing engine of the router while others are interrupt switched (which takes more time) then it could result in out of order packets. The other options would cause packet drops or latency, but not out of order packets. QUESTION 199Your company uses Voice over IP (VoIP). The system sends UDP datagrams containing thevoice data between communicating hosts. When areas of the network become busy, someof the datagrams arrive at their destination out of order. What happens when this occurs? A.    UDP will send an ICMP Information request message to the source host.B.    UDP will pass the information in the datagrams up to the next OSI layer in the order in which they arrive.C.    UDP will drop the datagrams that arrive out of order.D.    UDP will use the sequence numbers in the datagram headers to reassemble the data into the ... Answer: B QUESTION 200Which alerts will be seen on the console when running the command: logging console warnings.? A.    warnings onlyB.    warnings, notifications, error, debugging, informationalC.    warnings, errors, critical, alerts, emergenciesD.    notifications, warnings, errorsE.    warnings, errors, critical, alerts Answer: C Lead2pass helps millions of candidates pass the Cisco 300-101 exam and get the certification. We have tens of thousands of successful stories. 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