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R1 is using the RP that is learned via BSR R1 also has a static RP configuration in place.In order to prefer the static RP over BSR, which configuration should be applied on R1?   A.    ip pim bsr-candidate loopback 0 priority 200B.    ip pim rp-address priority 200C.    ip pim bsr-candidate loopback 0 overrideD.    ip pim rp-address overrideAnswer: D QUESTION 282Which are the four main functions of the Cisco IOS XR System Manager? (Choose four) A.    performs system monitoringB.    is the main IOS XR component for device drivers and software installation managementC.    starts, restarts, and terminates processes in response to user configuration or RP failoverD.    is responsible for the message-passing "bus" for interprocess communicationE.    acts as a central repository for all process-related informationF.    performs health checksG.    initiates disaster recovery based on the process healthH.    invokes a dumper to collect a core dump when a process terminates abnormally Answer: CEGH QUESTION 283Refer to the exhibit. OSPF is already running with the default OSPF parameters. R1 has added a new subnet (loopback 11). What will occur in regards to SPT computing on R2 router?   A.    Adding ispf command on R2 router, the entire SPT will be computed on R2 router.B.    Because prefix information will be in a LSA type 3 on R2 router's OSPF database, R2 router will run partial SPF computation.C.    Adding ispf command on R2 router, R2 router will recompute only the affected part of tree.D.    Because prefix will be a LSA type 1 on R2 router's OSPF database. R2 router will always run a full SPF computation, even though an OSPF optimization is applied on R2 router. Answer: C QUESTION 284In an end-to-end Layer 2 service, which technology provides the capability to detect, verify, isolate, and report faults across a provider network? A.    carrier detectB.    UDLDC.    BFDD.    CFM Answer: D QUESTION 285Refer to the exhibit. All routers have OSPF adjacency with the directly connected routers, yet RC cannot receive OSPF updates from Area 0 To fix this issue, which configuration should be applied?   A.    On RD routerrouter ospf 1area 1 virtual-link RB router:router ospf 1area 1 virtual-link    On RC router.router ospf 1area 2 virtual-link RB router:router ospf 1area 2 virtual-link    On RC routerrouter ospf 1area 0 virtual-link RA router:router ospf 1area 2 virtual-link    On RD router:router ospf 1.area 1 virtual-link RA router:router ospf 1areal virtual-link Answer: A QUESTION 286An engineer is tasked with configuring Lawful-Intercept on the Internet facing routers. Which two security issues must the engineer take into consideration? (Choose two) A.    Default SNMP does not include all the MIB references needed to respond to the request.B.    A new and dedicated loopback interface is required to communicate with the MD device.C.    Encryption might be required depending on the request.D.    The communication between the MD and the Content IAP happens over UDP port 161.E.    QoS and CoPP should be implemented to protect and optimize the tasks.F.    SNMFV2c should be enabled in order to provide the correct message format. Answer: AD QUESTION 287How does BGPsec protect advertisements by preventing from the malicious traffic flows? A.    It validates only the originating AS.B.    It validates routes with encryption.C.    It validates the AS path.D.    It validates the next-hop AS. Answer: C QUESTION 288Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is troubleshooting PTP on Cisco ASR 9000 router. What can be concluded about the interface based on output provided?   A.    The interface receives time stamps from a master clock, but the router's clock is not yet synchronized to the master.B.    The interface is aware of a better clock than the one it would advertise if it was in Master state.C.    The interface is not yet ready to participate on PTP.D.    The interface is about to go into Master state. Answer: A QUESTION 289An engineer needs to implement changes to Router_A during a maintenance window. The engineer first saves the running-configuration of all routers to the local disk0, then applies the required configuration changes. However, during post checks, the engineer realizes the implementation was deployed on Router_B instead.Which command should the engineer apply to reverse the changes made during the maintenance window? A.    configure revert disk0:myconfig-1B.    configure reload ditk0:myconfig-1C.    configure copy disk0:myconfig-1D.    configure replace disk0:myconfig-1 Answer: DExplanation: change.html QUESTION 290Due to recent acquisitions, a company's MPLS infrastructure is growing very quickly. Concerns anse about labeling service provider core network.The IP address space is designed as per following: - Service provide ip address range is: All loopback addresses use subnet mask/32- range is used for loopback addresses- All other subnet masks used for links are /24 and /25 Which command would significantly reduce the label allocations without compromising LDP functionalities? A.    mpls Idp labelallocate global host-routesB.    ip prefix-list List1 deny 10.0.0J16 le 20 ge 25 !mpls Idp labelallocate global prefix-list List1C.    access-list 1 permit Idp neighbor labels accept 3D.    mpls Idp password required for 10!access-list 10 permit 10 permit 10 permit Answer: A QUESTION 291Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the subslot of the SIP-800 card that is used on Cisco CRS routers on the left to the correct PUM ASIC process on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 292Users are complaining of intermittent high packet loss for seconds at a time. The engineer troubleshooting the issue finds that a TenGigE link is bouncing for milliseconds at a time, causing the traffic path to reconverge onto a congested FastEthernet link. What can the engineer do to prevent this service-affecting reconvergence only in the case of momentary link bounces until the link can be repaired? A.    decrease the carrier-delay up on both sides of the linkB.    disable keepalives and BFDC.    decrease the carrier-delay down on both sides of the linkD.    increase the carrier-delay up on both sides of the linkE.    increase the carrier-delay down on both sides of the link Answer: E QUESTION 293Refer to the exhibit. A CE connected to a service provider has an agreement to use 512Mbps of bandwidth. Which QoS configuration must be modified to ensure that the traffic matches the agreed bandwidth?   A.    Apply the same CE QoS configuration on PE on inbound direction.B.    Change the outbound direction of the service-policy to inbound for ingress traffic shaping.C.    Treat the class-default as best-effort by removing the shape average 512000 commandD.    Replace the shape keyword with police keyword in both classesE.    Reconfigure the policy-map as a nested policy with the shaping applied as a parent for all child policies Answer: E QUESTION 294Drag and Drop QuestionRefer to the exhibit. PE1 and PE2 has a Layer 2 VPN over a GRE tunnel. This GRE tunnel built between P1 and P2 has LDP enabled. Consider a packet capture of the packets from CE1 and CE2 at P1 and R1 link. Drag the headers on the left and drop them on the right in the order of the encapsulation, starting from the inner header (at the top) to the outer header (at the bottom).     Answer:   QUESTION 295Refer to the exhibit. In the topology, networks in VRF A use the service provider network for transport. PE1 and PE2 run MP-BGP VPNv4 peering. Links between PE and P routers have MPLS enabled. Links between R1 and P routers do not support MPLS.   Which technology can be implemented to build MPLS services between P1 and P2? A.    Layer 3 VPN over GRE TunnelsB.    L2TPv3C.    RSVP Signaled TunnelingD.    MPLS LDP TunnelsE.    MPLS TE Answer: A QUESTION 296Which are the three characteristics of SDR? (Choose three) A.    The logical router can span across chassis.B.    Each logical router has a distinct fabric and system controller module.C.    Owner SDR can be reloaded, without affecting all non-SDRs.D.    The logical router has dedicated route processor.E.    The logical router can share line cards.F.    The fabric and system controller module are shared by all logical routers. Answer: ADF QUESTION 297Drag and Drop QuestionDrag each resiliency mechanism on the left to its corresponding technology on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 298Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop each fast detection mechanism on the left to its definition on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 299An operations engineer wants to manually optimize the MPLS Traffic Engineering tunnels. Which Cisco IOS EXEC command should the engineer apply? A.    tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute destinationB.    tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option lowest _number dynamicC.    mpls traffic-eng reoptimize lockdownD.    mpls traffic-eng multicast-intactE.    mpls traffic-eng reoptimize Answer: E QUESTION 300Refer to the exhibit. What is the status of the L2 tunnel between PE1. PE2. and the Layer 2 switches?   A.    The Layer 2 tunnel is up, and SW1 becomes the root bridge for VLAN 10.B.    The Layer 2 tunnel is down, due to the ACL that is applied on the PE2 interface.C.    The Layer 2 tunnel is up, but no BPDUs are exchanged unless an extra configuration is applied.D.    The Layer 2 tunnel is down, due to the MTU mismatch between SW1 and SW2. Answer: AExplanation: Protocol 115 (not UDP/115) is used for L2TPV3. So by blocking UDP/115, the tunnel will still be up I understood all of the questions very easily. I scored 96% on my first try. I am definitely going to spread the word amongst friends and colleagues. 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