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A.    It defines a wildcard mask to identify the size of the network.B.    It defines the area ID.C.    It defines the network by its classful entry.D.    It defines which networks are used for virtual links. Answer: A QUESTION 353Which feature can validate address requests and filter out invalid messages? O A.    IP Source GuardB.    port securityC.    DHCP snoopingD.    dynamic ARP inspection Answer: C QUESTION 354Which configuration enables OSPF for network A.    router ospfrouter-id    router ospf 1network area 0C.    router ospf 1neighbor    router ospf 1area 0 virtual-link Answer: B QUESTION 355Which command do you enter to view EIGRPv6 adjacencies? A.    show ipv6 eigrp 1 interfaceB.    show ipv6 route eigrpC.    show ipv6 eigrp neighborsD.    show running-configuration eigrp Answer: C QUESTION 356What is the default encapsulation type for Cisco WAN serial interfaces? A.    GREB.    PPPC.    Frame RelayD.    IEEE 802.1QE.    HDLC Answer: E QUESTION 357Which three checks must you perform when troubleshooting EIGRPvB adjacencies? (Choose three.) A.    Verify that IPv6 is enabled.B.    Verify that the network command has been configured.C.    Verify that auto summary is enabled.D.    Verify that the interface is up.E.    Verify that an IPv4 address has been configured.F.    Verify that the router ID has been configured. Answer: ADF QUESTION 358Which statement about VLAN configuration is true? A.    The switch must be in config-vlan mode before you configure an extended VLAN.B.    Dynamic inter-VLAN routing is supported on VLAN 2 through VLAN 4064.C.    A switch in VTP transparent mode saves the VLAN database to the running configuration only.D.    The switch must be in VTP server or transparent mode before you configure a VLAN. Answer: D QUESTION 359Routers R1 and R2 are on the same network segment, and both routers use interface Ethernet0/0. If R1 loses communication to R2, which two terns should you check as you begn GigabitEthernetO/0. If R1 lose: troubleshooting? (Choose two ) A.    Verify that R2 is using 802 1q encapsulationB.    Verify that the GigabrtEthernet0/0 interfaces on R1 and R2 are configured with the same subnet mask.C.    Verify that the R1 GigabitEthernet0/0 interface is up and the line protocol is down.D.    Verify that R1 and R2 both are using HDLC encapsulationE.    that the R1 GigabitEthernet0/0 interface is up and the line protocol is up. Answer: BE QUESTION 360Which command do you enter to enable an interface to support PPPoE on a client? A.    Dev1(config)# bba-group pppoe bba 1.B.    Dev1(config-if)# pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1.C.    Dev1(config-if)# pppoe enable group bba1.D.    Dev1(config-if)# pppoe enable. Answer: D QUESTION 361Which three options are types of slow VI AN connectivity? (Choose three) A.    slow broadcast domain connectivity.B.    slow routing domain connectivity.C.    slow default gateway connectivity.D.    slow application domain connectivity.E.    slow collision domain connectivity.F.    slow inter VI AN connectivity. Answer: AEF QUESTION 362Which value can you modify to configure a specific interface as the preferred forwarding interface? A.    the VLAN priorityB.    the hello timeC.    the port priorityD.    the interface number Answer: C QUESTION 363Which WAN technology uses labels to make decisions about data forwarding? A.    Metro EthernetB.    Frame RelayC.    MPLSD.    ISDNE.    VSAT Answer: C QUESTION 364Which two actions must you take to configure a PAgP EtherChannel between two switches, S1 and S2? (Choose two.) A.    Configure the channel-group 1 mode auto command on S1. CorrectB.    Configure the channel-group 1 mode desirable command on S2. CorrectC.    Configure the channel-group 1 mode active command on S2.D.    Configure the channel-group 1 mode on command on S2.E.    Configure the channel-group 1 mode active command on S1. Answer: AB QUESTION 365What command can you enter to assign an interface to the default VLAN? A.    Switch(config-if)# switchport access vlan 1B.    Switch(config-jf)# switchport trunk native vlan 1C.    Switch(config-if)# vlan 1D.    Switch(config)# int vlan 1 Answer: A QUESTION 366Which statement about the IP SLAs ICMP Echo operation is true? A.    It is configured in enable mode.B.    It is used to determine the one-way delay between devices.C.    It is used to identify the best source interface from which to send traffic to a destination.D.    The frequency of the operation is specified in milliseconds. Answer: B QUESTION 367Which feature can you use to restrict SNMP queries to a specific OID tree? A.    a server groupB.    a view recordC.    a communityD.    an access group Answer: B QUESTION 368Refer to the exhibit. While you troubleshoot a connectivity issue to a PC behind R1, you enter the show access-lists command to generate this output.Which reason for the problem is most likely true? A.    The permit all ACL entry on R1 is inactive.B.    The ACL of R1 is misconfigured.C.    A deny all ACL entry is currently active on R1.D.    An implicit deny is causing R1 to block network traffic. Answer: D QUESTION 369After you configure a GRE tunnel between two networks, the tunnel comes up normally, but workstations on each side of the tunnel cannot communicate.Which reason for the problem is most likely true? A.    The tunnel source address is incorrect.B.    The tunnel destination address is incorrect.C.    The route between the networks is undefined.D.    The IP MTU is incorrect.E.    The distance configuration is missing. Answer: C QUESTION 370Which type does a port become when it receives the best BPDU on a bridge? A.    the backup portB.    the root portC.    the designated portD.    the alternate port Answer: B QUESTION 371Which statement about access lists that are applied to an interface is true? A.    You can place as many access lists as you want on any interface.B.    You can apply only one access list on any interface.C.    You can configure one access list, per direction, per Layer 3 protocol.D.    You can apply multiple access lists with the same protocol or in different directions. Answer: C QUESTION 372Which command enables RSTP on a switch? A.    spanning-tree mode rapid-pvstB.    spanning-tree uplinkfastC.    spanning-tree backbonefastD.    spanning-tree mode mst Answer: A QUESTION 373Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true? A.    The Fa0/11 role confirms that SwitchA is the root bridge for VLAN 20.B.    VLAN 20 is running the Per VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol.C.    The MAC address of the root bridge is 0017.596d.1580.D.    SwitchA is not the root bridge, because not all the interface roles are designated. Answer: D QUESTION 374What are OSPF's default hello and dead timers? (Choose two) A.    The hello timer is 10 seconds.B.    The hello timer is 60 seconds.C.    The dead timer is 40 seconds.D.    The dead timer is 120 seconds.E.    The hello timer is 20 seconds. Answer: AC QUESTION 375Which interface counter can you use to diagnose a duplex mismatch problem? A.    runtsB.    CRC errorsC.    no carrierD.    late collisionsE.    deferredF.    giants Answer: B I hope Lead2pass exam questions from the Cisco 200-105 exam helps you pass the exam and earn your Cisco certification! 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