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How does the FSM react after an error or timeout at a stage?

A.    stops
B.    retries until successful
C.    continues
D.    retries that stage at scheduled intervals
E.    raises faults and continues Read More …

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What is the recommended procedure to update Cisco UCS C-Series rack-mount server firmware?

A.    Launch the Cisco UCS Firmware Update Utility from virtual media.
B.    Launch the Cisco UCS Host Update Utility from virtual media.
C.    Launch the Cisco UCS Server Update Utility from virtual media.
D.    Launch the Cisco UCS CIMC Update Utility from virtual media.

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Looking at the Equipment > Chassis > Servers > Server X view from the Cisco UCS Manager GUI, which tab would you select to identify the fabric interconnect uplink associated with a given virtual circuit?

A.    Paths
B.    vNIC Paths
C.    Virtual Circuit Paths
D.    VIF Paths Read More …