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A.    classful routingB.    scalabilityC.    default route originationD.    multi vendor supportE.    link load balancingF.    hop countAnswer: BDE QUESTION 122By default, how does EIGRP's metric differ from OSPF? A.    hopsB.    costC.    bandwidthD.    delay Answer: D QUESTION 123What characteristic separates link state routing protocols from a distance vector? A.    creates a topological view of the entire networkB.    path calculation utilizes a more granular metricC.    does not scale well for large networksD.    constantly shares link state updates throughout the topology Answer: A QUESTION 124A company must deploy an IGP routing protocol on an Enterprise Network. Where should route summarization be implemented? A.    distributionB.    coreC.    accessD.    backbone Answer: A QUESTION 125What routing configuration can prevent routing loops between IGPs? A.    route filtersB.    route reflectorsC.    auto summarizationD.    virtual links Answer: A QUESTION 126What is the first step when creating a network security policy? A.    define what should be protectedB.    investigate how likely an attack is to occurC.    implement measures to protect assetsD.    hire a security firm to perform penetration tests Answer: A QUESTION 127A customer requests a filtering design based on the need to scan all internet traffic, including remote workers. What solution meets these requirements? A.    Cisco Cloud Web SecurityB.    Cisco Network Admission ControlC.    Cisco Identity Services EngineD.    Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Answer: A QUESTION 128A customer wants to support a BYOD environment. What two products allow for posture assessment? (Choose two.) A.    ACSB.    NACC.    ASAD.    ISEE.    WAASF.    IDS Answer: BD QUESTION 129What two CoS values are used by voice traffic? (Choose two.) A.    COS1B.    COS2C.    COS3D.    COS4E.    COS5 Answer: CE QUESTION 130A client wants to deploy a video conferencing platform in a multisite WAN environment. What two design considerations need to be evaluated? (Choose two.) A.    CODECs supported by the video unitsB.    buffer sizes on the routersC.    POE capabilities of the switchesD.    number of current callsE.    number of hops between sites Answer: AD QUESTION 131What wireless authentication option requires a Public Key Infrastructure? A.    EAP-TLSB.    PEAPC.    LEAPD.    EAP-FAST Answer: A QUESTION 132What two access point modes support the transmission of user traffic over a LWAPP/CAPWAP tunnel? (Choose two.) A.    localB.    H-REAPC.    rogue detectorD.    monitorE.    snifferF.    standalone Answer: AB QUESTION 133What is the primary advantage of implementing a wireless LAN controller in a wireless LAN design? A.    roaming between APsB.    RADIUS user authenticationC.    radio resource managementD.    accelerated data transfer Answer: C QUESTION 134A wireless LAN client is sending traffic to the wired LAN client. What path will the packet take to reach the destination endpoint in a lightweight wireless deployment? A.    switch > controller > ap > clientB.    controller > ap > switch > clientC.    ap > controller > switch > clientD.    switch > ap > controller > client Answer: C QUESTION 135What Cisco product is designed to improve the performance of Windows file and exchange services in remote data centers? A.    Application Control EngineB.    Wide Area Application ServicesC.    Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure ControllerD.    Cisco Prime Network Services Controller Answer: B QUESTION 136Which design is the recommended geometric design for routed topologies? A.    linearB.    triangularC.    rectangularD.    circular Answer: B QUESTION 137Which statement describes an advantage of the Layer 2 access model over the Layer 3 access model in the data center? A.    It enables NIC teaming.B.    It removes STP dependency.C.    It increases scalability.D.    It decreases convergence. Answer: A QUESTION 138Router A has three feasible successors to the network, which are listed here: - Option 1 has a metric of 8123228.- Option 2 has a metric of 2195467.- Option 3 has a metric of 8803823. The variance 4 command was issued on Router A. How many active entries does Router A have in its routing table for the network? A.    0B.    1C.    2D.    3 Answer: C QUESTION 139Which two mechanisms are used by distance vector protocols to prevent routing loops? (Choose two.) A.    split horizonB.    route summarizationC.    route poisoningD.    tuned timers Answer: AC QUESTION 140Which interior routing protocol has the most preferable administrative distance by default? A.    RIPB.    OSPFC.    EIGRPD.    BGPE.    IS-IS Answer: C All the 200-310 exam questions are 100% verified by their experts team. So there is no chances of errors. 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