This page was exported from Exam PDF Free Instant Download From Lead2pass [ ] Export date:Tue Dec 3 6:29:46 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-New] Free Download GreatExam SAP C_EPMBPC_10 VCE And PDF Dumps (31-40) --------------------------------------------------- 2016 June SAP Official New Released C_EPMBPC_10 Q&As in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! In recent years, many people choose to take SAP C_EPMBPC_10 certification exam which can make you get the SAP certificate and that is the passport to get a better job and get promotions. How to prepare for SAP C_EPMBPC_10 exam and get the certificate? Please refer to SAP C_EPMBPC_10 exam questions and answers on GreatExam. Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 31You want to set up a consolidation model. Which of the following dimensions should be the same for consolidation, rate and ownwership models?(models) A.    accountB.    timeC.    data sourceD.    entityE.    categoryAnswer: BE QUESTION 32A user tries to connect to a model using the excel interface of the EPM Add-in. However, the model is not available. What could be the issue? (administration) A.    the task profile is assigned to the user's teamB.    the data access profile is assigned to the user's teamC.    the task profile is not assigned to the user's teamD.    the data access profile is not assigned to the user's team Answer: D QUESTION 33After running a data Manager package link with 5 packages, you notice that package 3 failed. What happened to the other packages?(data manager) A.    package 1,2,4 and 5 ranB.    package 1,2 ran, packages 4 and 5 did not ranC.    packages 1 and 2 were rolled back, package 4 and 5 ranD.    package 1 and 2 were rolled back, package 4 and 5 did not run Answer: A QUESTION 34You execute the following logic script by running a data Manager package without transferring any further parameters and without using the default logic:*WHEN ACCOUNT*IS ACCOUNT1*REC(FACTOR=1.5,ACCOUNT=ACCOUNT2)*ENDWHENWhich data is used by this calculation?(logic and calculations) A.    only the context defaultB.    only ACCOUNT1 and ACCOUNT2C.    all accountsD.    only the workspace context Answer: B QUESTION 35When you enter a new value into a cell manually, you want the cell color to switch to a different color. How to you configure the formatting sheet to achieve this?(input forms and reports) A.    select apply to Local Member default FormatB.    select apply for Calculated Member default FormatC.    select apply for Inputable Member Default FormatD.    select apply for changed Member Default format Answer: A QUESTION 36You use the DESTINATION_APP keyword in your script logic. If the source model contains fewer dimensions than the target, which operator do you use to derive the missing dimensions?8logic and calculations) A.    *XDIM_MEMBERSETB.    *ADD_DIMC.    *SKIP_DIMD.    *RENAME_DIM Answer: A QUESTION 37What do you have to create to capture the data from multiple planning iterations?(input forms and reports) A.    propertiesB.    membersC.    modelsD.    dimensions Answer: B QUESTION 38Which of the following conventions apply to dimension property Ids? (dimensions) A.    they must begin with a characterB.    they must begin with a numberC.    they must contain less than 21 charactersD.    they must contain less than 33 characters Answer: AD QUESTION 39You want to use specific default values when you add data manuallyfrom the web client. How can you achieve this?(administration) A.    specify the default members for data inputB.    specify the default members for reportingC.    select the "Use as Input Form" optionD.    select the "activate Member recognition" option Answer: A QUESTION 40How do you configure the data Manager package to execute a specific logic script file?(data manager) A.    define the logic script file in the process chainB.    define the logic script file as a variable in package parametersC.    define the logic script file in the package linkD.    define the logic script file in the advanced package settings Answer: D GreatExam is a good website that provides all candidates with the latest IT certification exam materials. GreatExam will provide you with the exam questions and verified answers that reflect the actual exam. The SAP C_EPMBPC_10 exam dumps are developed by experienced IT professionals. 99.9% of hit rate. 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